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Cream Flavoured Spread


Plant Based Cream Flavoured Spread

Plant-Based Cream Flavoured Spread

Spread it on anything, mix it in everything else. Mashed potatoes. Carrot cake frosting… And we're certifiably delicious
  • Certified Plant based
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Vegan

Beyond easy.
Beyond tasty.

A bagel with vegan cream cheese spread
Ready-to-spread creamy goodness that goes well with savoury and sweet.
A cup of coffee with a chocolate cupcake
And yes, it dips as beautifully as it spreads. We’re partial to queso.
The Vitalite Plant-based Creamy Original spread
The world needed dairy-free crave-worthiness. We were happy to oblige.
Spread! Dip! Spread!

Quick Facts

Easy to enjoy
Remember all you did with dairy-based meltiness? Same, same. Yum, yum.
Easy to store
Keep in the original resealable package in the cheese drawer of your fridge.
Easy to use
We keep things simple around here. Just enjoy within 7 days of opening.

Where to buy

Spicy Mexican style layered dip

Spicy Mexican style layered dip

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