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You craved it, so we solved it.

3 vegan burgers

About VitaliteTM

We are
ooey-gooey obsessed.

Always have been, always will be. That’s why we did what no one else could: Made the melty, yummy, plant-based cheese you’ve been missing.
Spaghetti, Pizza, and Mac and Cheese

VitaliteTM Facts

We’re here to wow everyone.

A fork hold a brocoli
Flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan-curious, vegan-all-the-way, whatever. We got you!
Vegan cold snack
Our plant-based goods do all that you want them to. Hot, cold, in and on everything.
A vegan grilled cheese
And did we mention how tasty they are? No easier way to take dishes up a notch.

On to why you’re here.

Enough About Us

To see the melty and delicious plant-based spread, slices and shreds you’ve been waiting for, right?